Jeremy’s Eagle Scout Project – Embroidered Stockings for the Troops

In October 2011, a woman came into the store with a young man dressed in his ‘scout’ attire.  The young man introduced himself as Jeremy Quackenbush and asked what I would charge to personalize some Christmas embroidered stockings. He further explained that his “Eagle Project” entailed making Christmas Stockings and filling them for one of the troops in Iraq and he thought it might be nice to have each soldiers name and rank embroidered on the stockings.  As I listened to him I was touched by the generosity of Jeremy to do all that work and go to the expense to make these stockings, personalize, fill, and mail them to Iraq so that at least some of the many soldiers would know that they are loved and appreciated.  He explained that there would probably be about 25 – 27 stockings or so.  I told him that I thought what he was doing was awesome and that I would be honored to personalize the stockings at no charge.  He seemed pretty surprised by the offer and was very grateful.  His mom then began to ask me if it were easier to embroider the stockings before they were sewn together and what would make it easiest on me. We discussed it and I asked her to get me the pre-sewn fabric ASAP so that I could get them finished to give Jeremy enough time to sew the stockings, fill and ship them in time for Christmas.

emboirdered stockings

Jeremy and Lt Bates with some of the embroidered stockings

It was only a few days and Jeremy and his Mom returned and brought in the cut-out stockings of fabric.  Jeremy came up to the counter with a (little) worried look on his face.  He then proceeded to tell me there were more stockings than he thought…………… looked like it would be closer to 50 stockings!  I had mentioned to him the first day he came into the store presenting the idea that it was a very busy time for me (Christmas) and that the embroidered stockings would have to be personalized one at a time.  This would be time consuming but I would be happy to do it for him. Jeremy is a very thoughtful young man and I think he was feeling a bit stressed, thinking that he may be causing me a hardship. He explained that he would pay for the additional names. I told him that would not be necessary.

Jeremy’s mother also thanked me and told me that Lt Bates (whose unit they were making the embroidered stockings for) would be state side for a few days and may want to stop by when he was in town.

I was so happy when Lt Bates came by the store to thank me in person for the personalization of the stockings. He was only home for a few days and he chose to spend a part of that precious time with us at All Things Embroidered.  I was very humbled by it. He and his troops were putting their lives on the line every day for our freedom and all I did was put some stitching on stockings for them. I was almost embarrassed by it as it was nothing in comparison.  We are very Thankful for our troops, we wear red every Friday to show our support for the troops, our Police force and our Firefighters!

Whether it be personalization for Christmas stockings for a troop in Iraq, embroidering a date on a flag for a soldier, hats for the Sheriff’s posse, personalizing  gold star bags, selling hats and sharing the profits to the 100 club, names on bags for ‘special babies’, whatever, this is what I truly love and what makes me happy. Unfortunately, the bank that holds my mortgage, the grocer, the utility company, etc. do not care how happy it makes me to give things away but I do it when I can………..everybody needs a little pick-me-up once in a while.

I believe in PAYING IT FORWARD!  It will come back to you, the good and the bad things that you do.

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